Eileen Fisher

Simple. Sensual. Beautiful. Timeless. Functional.
Great design is at the heart of EILEEN FISHER. It is an idea brought to life through clean lines, simple shapes and sensual fabrics. It strives to balance the timeless with the modern, function with beauty. It is an organic system, always evolving, changing, building upon what's come before. Great design is clothing in context, made to fit both our bodies and our lives. It is a dialogue between seasonal perspectives and enduring ideals.

At EILEEN FISHER, this conversation around great design begins with our shared Design Values. These five values form the foundation of our aesthetic; they are what we aspire to achieve within every product we craft. Our Design Values are our creative anchors, grounding us in the essentials of EILEEN FISHER design. They provide us with a shared language from which new ideas and fresh interpretations can emerge each season. They are where we started and where we will always start again.